​​​Lubbock Law Enforcement Citizens Academy

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What is the Citizens Academy?   Crime is a community problem. The key to solving this problem is knowledge.  The Citizens Academy is a 14 week course of instruction to allow citizens to experience and learn from their local Law Enforcement agencies.

Will I be a certified officer after graduation?  No, the citizen’s academy is an informative program only.

Who may attend the Citizens Academy?  Anyone 18 years or older who lives or works in the County of Lubbock that has never been convicted of a class B misdemeanor or higher offense, or arrested and/or convicted of a crime involving domestic violence.

Will I be allowed to go on a ride-along?  Yes.  As part of the Citizens Academy you will be required to do a ride-along with your choice of either the Lubbock Police Department, Lubbock Sheriff’s Department or the Texas DPS.  You are welcome to ride with each agency if you so wish.

When are the classes held?  Classes will normally be held on a Tuesday from 6pm to 930pm.

Where will classes be held?  Classes will be held at numerous locations including the Lubbock Police Department, Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office and the DPS Regional Office.

Is the program free?  Yes the program is at no cost to the applicant.

What is the dress code? 
Business casual.

Can I use my cell phone for pictures and video? 
Cell phones can be a big distraction, not only for the instructor but for fellow students.  Please limit the use of cell phones to break time.  Also there will be no video or recordings allowed during class.  Photo opportunities will be available at select trainings.

Will I need to supply any type of equipment? You will not need any equipment for this course

Entrance Requirements:

-Be at least 18 years of age at time of application.

-No misdemeanor arrests within six months of the application.  No conviction of a Class B or higher offence or any conviction for domestic violence.

-Be of good moral character.

-No known gang or anti-government involvement.

-A background investigation will be conducted to verify eligibility for the Citizens Academy.

-Enrollment will be limited to 25 applicants.